The Street Customs selected a unique range of furniture which reveals a strong competitive nature in the various parts that make up this collection.

The tables comprise several details such as custom wheels, strut bars (shock tower braces), dampers, ailerons and it has glass tops available in 3 colours: black, red and grey. The leather chairs, also in these three colours, baquets type are available in Racing, Super Racing and PRO ONE version, being the last one a perfect replica of those used by Porsche. Both have back adjustment, height and disc brakes.

The PRO version also features lumbar adjustment. You'll find this Motorsport Furniture collection in our showroom on these three colours.

You also can find on the 2015 Catalog Stools and Bar tables, Book Shelfs, File Cabinets, Sofas and a lots of accessories for your space.

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HILIGHTS -- RACEDECK -- Modular Floors for Garages and Workshops

We select for you an exclusive collection of modular flooring which allow you to transform your garage, your workshop, your exposure, in short, your space in a short time without much effort, without tools and without glues or resins. Because you can disassemble the floor and mount elsewhere, these floors are a plus because they safeguard issues such as removals, broken tiles and patterns poorly chosen.

These floors are available in a variety of styles and colours, are specifically designed to withstand heavy loads (+ / - 20 Tons/mt2) and aggressions, gasoline, oils and solvents. Adding their great look, they combined the properties of strength and durability with the look and functionality.

In summary, the limit is your imagination. 

We are at your disposal for any information.

We also made a collection of dozens of applications both garages and workshops as paddocks and areas of exposure. See the APPLICATIONS PRESENTATION.