THE WIPES TUQUINSA clean without scratching, remove the surface oxidation of the paint and, conceal their natural waxes micro scratches and opacity of the colors black, blue, green or dark gray, leaving the bodywork and glowing and providing CLEAN area with a protective layer DUST.

They USED to clean and remove dust, insects, tar, tree sap, the ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION, the OIL, SALT ASPHALT, and SMALL SPLASH to the vehicle bodywork as well as the CAR on MOTORCYCLES. They clean and protect GLASS, PLASTIC, RUBBER MOULDINGS, and HEADLIGHTS, renewing the aging caused by sun and water. They also cleans the RIMS ALUMINUM, CHROME, PLASTIC COVERS them, and tires.

Ideal for cleaning CONTROLS, STEERING WHEEL, SPLASH, GLOVE BOX, LATÉRAUIX DOOR, RUBBER, WOOD or LIKE LEATHER SEATS or imitation leather, without leaving a greasy or oily residues, and maintaining TONE NATURAL MATERIALS.

CLEAN, AND KEEP the SHINE MAKE BODYWORK, and THE CHROME ALL TYPES OF METALS INCLUDING ALUMINUM. For methacrylate screens, helmets and visors, they help control insects and dust, and provide a finish to a lower adhesion of dirt and give them more visibility and transparency.

VERY EFFECTIVE PROTECTION for cleaning wheels and tires classic WHITE BAND, with left over grease and brake powder chains.

Integral cleaning of BIKES, FRAMES, SEATS, WHEELS, SPROCKETS, CHAIN, etc. ... without using water spray there that could damage the wheel bearings.

It depends on the place where cleaning takes place (inside or outside), use twice as much for the initial cleaning wipes, whatever the vehicle. From the initial cleaning, we obtain longer intervals and the use of fewer wipes.

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