Windscreens and Glasses for Classic Cars

Windscreens and glasses solutions for your classic car!

Windscreens and glasses manufacture and sale for classic cars.

We specialize in glass for old cars. We also have a wide range of thermal windscreen for rally cars.

We have more than 2500 references and a large stock of windscreens for the express service.

We use our expertise to offer solutions to the windscreen and windows of your classic car. Our compact organization allows us to offer a personalized service to various customers, from individuals, restorers and competition teams. We have an extensive catalogue of classic windshield until the 80: Spanish, British, French, etc.., 124/1430, Fiat 500, Dauphine, 2CV, MG roadster, Jaguar XK120, Capri, Manta, Pagoda, etc.. , etc ... We could go on ad infinitum. And even if we do not have, we know where to find them through a network of associates and partner companies in Europe and America that allows us to reach almost all models. There is no problem.

We have the knowledge and the technology and tools needed for reconstruction moulds, and we will build your glass. If you are a fan of classic cars, or a restoration workshop, or even a racing team, we are at your disposal.

Test us and contact us and we'll surprise you.

HAMMAN - Big reference in DESIGN & CUSTOM AUTO

The brand HAMMAN derives from Richard Hamman, great champion of speed, with more than 20 years in service, with over 700 runs made, 300 of them ending in the Top 3 and 100 victories. His passion for speed leads to the Hamman House - Automobile Technik + Design - that today presents us with magnificent pieces of high technology, for us to equip our machines.  Contact us. For curiosity we made a small presentation of cars that Hamman has for sale and you can visualize them here. To see Hamman's Website. Enjoy q:O)